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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Vaccination: health and social care staff

Health and care worker vaccinations (second doses)

If you had your first dose at the RD&E, you should attend your second dose ASAP. Please note that opening hours have changed and are now from 8.30am to 3.10pm.
Second doses are still available prior to closure of the service on Thursday 27 May at 3.10pm. Additionally, the service will be closed on Wednesday 19, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 May.
If you have queries or need to rearranged your second dose appointment, please email RD&E.
If you had your first dose at Westpoint vaccination centre, you should book your second dose.
Please note, Westpoint vaccination centre will be moving to Greendale Business Park on Friday 7 May.

Staff vaccination during April

Eligible frontline social care staff can self-refer for vaccination through either the online referral form or by emailing Devon CCG directly. The CCG will then source the best available vaccination slot for you from those available. If you still have staff who have not been vaccinated or maybe have new starters please do take up the opportunity and protect yourself and others.

Please note all existing appointments for first and second doses are not being cancelled. If you have an appointment, please attend it. If you already have an appointment over the coming weeks, whether for your first or second dose, this remains in place and it’s really important that you attend it as planned.

Second vaccination at RD&E

Your flexibility in attending your second dose appointment on the date given in the letter is appreciated to ensure we can meet the ongoing demand for both first and second doses. The revised letter from the RD&E Hospital does provide an RD&E email contact that you can use if in exceptional circumstances a staff member is unable to attend the date of the second dose vaccination, as shown in the letter. The Hospital staff will do all they can to re-schedule the appointment to a convenient date and time in these exceptional circumstances.

Timing of dose of vaccine following positive coronavirus result

In the case of a positive COVID-19 test, people should be advised they should wait four weeks after the result to have the COVID-19 vaccine. This applies for both first or second doses of vaccine, even if it delays the vaccine past the 12 week suggested gap.

Vaccination ID reminder and checklist

When attending your 2nd dose appointments for the COVID vaccine please don’t forget to bring a form of ID ( i.e. a driving licence or passport) and proof that you are a frontline health and social care worker (i.e. a name badge, letter from your organisation or a wage slip).

NHS England has published an eligibility checklist for health and social care workers that have self-declared for vaccination through the national booking system and arrive at vaccination centres.

Vaccinating health and care staff

COVID-19 vaccinations are currently being delivered across Devon in phases according to priority groups identified nationally by the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation.

NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group is working with local hospital hubs and GP practices on a plan that ensures health and social care staff have access to vaccinations as soon as possible, with vulnerable staff within these groups prioritised.

It’s great that so many staff are keen to get vaccinated and getting this delivered is a priority for the Devon health and care system.

We are asking staff not to contact their local GP, hospital, or services like NHS 111 to seek a vaccine.

For more information about vaccines, please see:
Who can get the COVID-19 vaccine
Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI, 30 December 2020

Travelling to your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

DCC have put together this advice to help people get to their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Register with a GP to ensure you are invited for vaccination

People who aren’t registered with a GP will be encouraged to do so as soon as they can. This will ensure they are invited for the coronavirus vaccination when it’s their turn.
Details of local GP practice are available on the NHS website.

Interval between COVID-19 and flu immunisations

The current guidance from the Green Book. Based on current information about the first COVID-19 vaccines which may be used, scheduling of COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines should ideally be separated by an interval of at least 7 days to avoid incorrect attribution of potential adverse events.

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