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Accredited Reviewer Project

What is the Accredited Reviewer Project?

Devon County Council (DCC) and partnering organisations (New Devon CCG and South Devon & Torbay CCG) are making progress with plans to test the review process being delegated to Care Home Providers. The Care Act (2014) introduced the option to delegate the review function to Providers with the responsibility being owned by the Local Authority. The Local Authority (DCC) will continue to maintain oversight and this procedural change will be carefully monitored to ensure it remains Care Act compliant. Alongside the Care Act reviews, Health will also use this Project to undertake Funded Nursing Care (FNC) reviews in line with the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care.

We recognise the current delays with reviews and understand the need to speed up this process. By delegating the review function to the Provider, the Provider is able to use their knowledge of the Service User’s needs.  The aim is that by doing this, the Service User’s experience of the review will improve as it will be completed by someone they see every day and who knows them best. The Providers with the authority to undertake these reviews will be known as ‘Accredited Reviewers’.

Please be aware, the Accredited Reviewer Project is currently piloting this concept.

What we have achieved so far:

Project structure established, and Board members formed a groupComplete
Two Providers were selected based on our care management capacity, to work with us in Phase 1 where we will test the change to Providers completing reviewsComplete
A training programme took place in June 2018 to provide guidance to the Providers who will work alongside us in Phase 1Complete
Phase 1 testing has commenced (August – September) working with two Providers, one Residential and one Nursing Home in the Seaton and Sidmouth, to test the change of Accredited Reviewers completing the local authority review processIn progress
Engagement with all stakeholders continues to take place to describe the changes to the review process and listen to stakeholder feedbackOngoing
Phase 2 Planning has begun where the change to reviews will continue to be tested but working with additional Providers across Devon. Random sampling will commence, removing the Care Manager and 100% validation of the reviewIn progress
An Accredited Reviewer Scheme is being produced, to set out the requirements of the ProviderIn progress
Feedback from all stakeholders, project success measures and lessons learnt will be reviewed prior to Phase 2 startingComing up

Eligibility to become an Accredited Reviewer

There are certain criteria which a Provider must meet, in order to be eligible to become an Accredited Reviewer, these are:

  • Must have a CQC rating needs to be rated Good or Outstanding in all domains
  • Must have signed the updated spot contract (Care Homes)
  • Also, the Provider must have not had the following in the previous 12 months:
  • Whole service safeguarding
  • Provider Quality Support review
  • Contract default notices
  • Placement suspension/advisory

Project Engagement:

We are keen to ensure we have engaged with all of our stakeholders to gain their views and feedback on the project plans. We are working with Service Users and have formed a Service User Co-Production Group where project tasks are being co-produced as a group. We have also formed a Provider Co-Production Group with PEN Provider Representatives from the Residential and Nursing Home sector.  Any planned engagement activities and meetings will be advertised on the PEN Website Calendar. To get involved in the discussion or give your feedback please contact the Accredited Reviewer project team.

Previous publications:
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The Accredited Reviewer Project Team:

Project Sponsor (The Sponsor is a Senior Manager who oversees the Project and makes sure it continues to be a viable proposition) – Steve Blandford
Project Manager – Gabrielle Lester-Smith
Project Support – Emma Rundle

Contact us by emailing the Accredited Reviewer Team – adultsc.accreditedreviewer-mailbox@devon.gov.uk







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