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Provider Engagment Network

Supporting health and social care providers in Devon


Market Development, Contracts and Business Relations Team

The team works to support independent health and social care providers and commissioners to work collaboratively to ensure that there are enough of the right types of services to support people in Devon to live the lives they wish to live. Read more about the Team.

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Ian Hobbs

Senior Commissioning Manager, Market Development, Carers and Personal Care

I am part of the Commissioning and Health Leadership Team and lead the Business Relations Team.

My role is to ensure that we have vibrant markets that support people to live happy and healthy lives. This includes a lead role in ensuring that issues of strategic significance to our care and health system and provider markets are understood and addressed and can help with resolving barriers that impact on the effective operation of your business. I am keen to ensure that we do not just address today’s issues but are developing markets that are well placed to meet future challenges.

Whilst most of your relationships will be with members of my team I am happy to be contacted (Tel No: 01392 383000) if you feel that important issues are not being resolved.


Chris Eiserbeck

Sector Lead (Market)

Chris has a background across a range of independent sector health and social care service settings.

He brings extensive operational management knowledge to his role as Sector Lead for the Personal Care Market in Devon.

Lucie Spiers

Commissioning Develpment Officer

My portfolio includes Self-Directed Support and Outcomes based commissioning.

At the moment I am working on:

  • Pilot of Individual service funds in Devon
  • Place based working (Totnes)
  • Self-directed support policy and strategy

I am keen to help the Personal Assistant and micro-provider market expand and develop new offers.

Clare Diffey

Commissioning Development Officer

Clare is a Commissioning Development Officer with over 10 years’ experience in the voluntary sector across the south west, providing services to adults in the fields of housing and homeless prevention, mental health, drug and alcohol and carer’s support.

Tim Nand-Lal

Business Relations Officer

My role is to co-ordinate, support and develop our adult social care provider engagement arrangements, develop relationships with providers and work on shaping the market to meet the current and future needs of our population.

This market-shaping work includes the ongoing development of the Market Position Statement and other supporting actions/strategies.

If you have any ideas, questions or comments about our provider engagement arrangements or the current or future shape of the market please email me or call me on 01392 383000.

Nicola Tribble

Procurement and Contract lead


Jules Shanbury

Contracts and Business Relations Manager


Sara Morgan-Broom

Contracts and Business Relations Manager


Sarah Mason

Contracts Officer

Sarah graduated from university and began a career in online advertising but felt that she wanted a more meaningful position.

Sarah initially started in the Arranging Support Team, finding care for vulnerable people. She was seconded to a position that reviewed packages of care to ensure that both Devon County Council and those in receipt of care were getting the services they had asked for. She worked with providers to achieve efficiency of service.

Sarah has a wide range of technical experience in collecting and presenting data, as well as operational and contractual/legal knowledge. She can help providers understand what rates we hold for them, what contracts we have listed against them, operational areas, and what type of work we would approach a provider for.

She also worked closely with the Eastern Clinical Commissioning Group to build tools to assist them in their roles and provide market advice.

Darren Kettering

Contracts Officer (information analyst)


Rebecca Robb

Contracts Officer


Marianne Wagner

Contracts Officer

My role is to be the contact to Providers who deliver Care in The Community, with particular focus on East Devon. I’ll be working with you to monitor contractual obligations and to offer support alongside my colleagues in any areas of difficulty including quality and market development.

I previously worked as a Psychotherapist/counsellor followed by 14 years of experience  from social care work in Devon across a variety of children’s and adults services, 8 of which were in direct care delivery.
My most recent role was as a Personal Broker with DCC and CCG casework, negotiating with Care Providers the cost of whole home provisions and single complex care packages.

Carly Trego

Contracts Officer


Chris Morley

CCG Market Development Lead


Lucy Pare

Market Development and Contracts officer


Sam McAuley

Market Development Manager


Sam Arnott

Market Development Manager


Nykayla Stockham

Market Development Manager


Vanda van der Linden

Commissioning Support Assistant


My role is to provide administrative support to the team and the PEN.

If you can’t find what you need on this website please contact me and I will be happy to help.