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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Roles and responsibilities of provider representatives

The overarching aim of the role is to ensure that providers have a voice and influence in discussions about the shape and scope of the market, to share intelligence about the workings and effectiveness of the market, noting any areas of concern and to provide an opportunity for collaborative work to ensure a thriving and robust social care market that meets the needs of local people.

The role is to represent providers from the various social care sectors in market discussions with commissioners from DCC and the NHS.

The provider representative has a responsibility to facilitate the two-way flow of information from DCC/NHS to all known PEN providers in their locality and to raise issues with DCC/NHS commissioners from other providers within their network.

This will usually take the form of email communication and encouraging PEN members to use the forums, however, from time to time there may be requests for other types of activity.

It is anticipated that the provider representatives will actively support PEN activity by attending locality forums, the monthly PEN Reference Group meetings and any sub groups as required.

It is anticipated that provider representatives will work to support each other and each other’s involvement, dealing with the non-participation of colleagues; supporting and representing one another as necessary.

It is anticipated that provider representatives will provide a constructive ‘support and challenge’ role to DCC/NHS colleagues so that realistic and mutually acceptable solutions to market dilemmas can be achieved.

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