A local look at the General Election

Posted on: 10 December 2019

It’s nearly here – Thursday (12 December) is the General Election.

We have 100 polling stations in operation across the North Devon district, with 220 polling staff in action doing a variety of roles throughout the day. There are 75,853 North Devon residents registered to vote so it could be a very busy day.

Following the close of polling stations at 10pm,110 ballot boxes will be verified and counted. Verification of the votes will start as soon as the first ballot boxes arrive at the count hall with the counting of the votes taking place as soon as possible after this.

This time the verification and count is taking place at a new venue – The Tarka Tennis Centre in Barnstaple. Our officers have been extra busy setting up the new venue and making sure everything is in place.

Check out our website for the full results which will be updated as soon as possible following the announcement at Tarka Tennis Centre by the Acting Returning Officer.

We will be providing top tips and reminders throughout election day on our facebook (@northdevoncouncil) and twitter pages (@ndevoncouncil). You can also stay up-to-date with all our democracy and other council news by signing up to our email news service.

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