Planning applications in for improvements to Ilfracombe Quay and Victoria Pleasure Grounds

Artist impression of Ilfracombe Quay. Provided by Peregrine Mears Architects

Posted on: 6 December 2019

Two planning applications have been registered for exciting improvements to Ilfracombe Quay and Victoria Pleasure grounds.

North Devon Council has made the applications which if approved will run side-by-side providing the opportunity to make the quay more welcoming and safer for visitors, as well as regenerate the Victoria Pleasure Grounds.

The plans for Ilfracombe Quay (application 70867) include removing the existing 1950’s tollbooths/ticket kiosks which are in poor condition and open up the quay entrance. As part of this the entrance to the quay will be widened, a new designated pedestrian crossing installed for added safety at the entrance and an archway on the pier installed featuring the historic clock from the quay.

Following these works the second application (70868) would see the Festival of Britain style Fins from the toll booths, which are included in The Local Interest List for Ilfracombe, relocated to the Victoria Pleasure Grounds and used as a design feature for two new multi-purpose kiosks. As part of the application the area would be opened up providing a new seating area for the kiosks plus a seating area for the bus stop. The new installation will frame views of the sight lines from the St Philip and St James Church and Landmark Theatre.

Victoria Pleasure grounds, Artist Impression provided by Peregrine Mears Architects

Head of Resources at North Devon Council, Jon Triggs, says: “The registration of these two planning applications is an exciting point in this project for Ilfracombe. We’ve listened to feedback from Historic England and local residents and believe that the new applications provide an opportunity to really help with the regeneration of the town whilst retaining as many of the original features as possible.

“We’re going to be very busy as we are planning to complete all the works at the quay before the 2020 holiday season. Following this we can then move on to the works for the Victoria Pleasure Grounds.”

Ilfracombe Harbour Master, Georgina Carlo-Paat, says: “I’m delighted that this project is moving on to the next step. Work to improve facilities at the quay this year have already been completed with the installation of new, modern, fit for purpose ticket sales kiosks which replace the present function of the old booths.

“Ilfracombe Harbour is a fascinating place to visit for holiday makers and our local residents. I really think these works will make the area more accessible and encourage more people to enjoy what the town has to offer.”

Associate Director at Peregrine Mears Architects, Paul Cooper, says: “These two projects are a celebration of several key parts of Ilfracombe’s public realm and will hopefully enhance the experience of locals and visitors alike.

“It has been an exciting opportunity to work with North Devon Council on this project, in particular the proposed quay archway, which provides a new home for the quay clock, and the new kiosks which secure a future for key features of the old toll booths and help regenerate this part of the Victoria Pleasure Grounds.”

Following the registration of the two applications a previous planning application made by the council (66181) for works at the quay has now been withdrawn.

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  1. T Sharples says:

    great news. Ilfracombe needs this.

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