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Posted on: 12 November 2019

Officers at North Devon Council are offering local residents the chance to find out all about their day as they take part in #OurDay.

On Tuesday 19 November the council is joining in with the social media marathon organised by the Local Government Association (LGA) which aims to provide residents with an insight into the variety of jobs councils do every day.  The council will be joining forces with others nationwide using the hashtag #OurDay on their @northdevoncouncil Facebook page and @ndevoncouncil Twitter page. 

By the end of last year’s #OurDay over 10,000 twitter accounts had taken part in the day and the hashtag trended at number one on twitter for most of the day.

Chief Executive at North Devon Council, Ken Miles, says: “#OurDay is an opportunity for the public to gain a clearer view of what officers from the council do on a daily basis.  It will give the public an insight into the people behind the name or the uniform and the challenges that they face.  Many people forget that the car park wardens, benefits assessors, housing officers, planning officers and others working for the council are normal people with normal lives who genuinely want to help people.  I think that it will be a bit of an eye opener for the public when they see some of the work that these officers do and also the challenges that they  face on a daily basis.”

During #OurDay, the council will be joining other officers and local authorities around the country and helping to make it the biggest and best yet. Last year, 11,000 contributors posted 33,558 tweets reaching more than 26 million people. As a result, #OurDay trended number one in the UK for the largest part of the day, as well as fourth worldwide in the English language.

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