South Molton Sports Clubs and Braunton BMX track to get new funding

Posted on: 4 November 2019

At a meeting of North Devon Council Strategy and Resources Committee on 4 November, councillors agreed to allocate over £120,000 of S106* funding for Braunton and South Molton.

The funding will go towards three projects which will help to improve sports facilities:

  • £12,000 for footpaths, fencing and landscaping at the new BMX site at Velator
  • £14,178 for a new secure storage container for South Molton Rugby Club’s pitch next to the Community College. It will also pay for ball catch netting at their Pathfields pitch.
  • £94,785 to South Molton Football Club (SMFC) towards purchasing land for the relocation of the club

SMFC has identified a new site off Limers Lane and has requested S106 funding towards the purchase price.  This money, along with other funding raised by the club, will be used to purchase the site.

Once the new site has been secured, SMFC can look to market their existing site, which will help to fund construction of a new clubhouse and other necessary facilities.

Leader of North Devon Council, Councillor David Worden, says: “S106 funding, made as part of major planning applications, allows the council to give back to our communities to help improve public spaces. I am delighted that we have been able to provide this money towards providing new sports facilities in the district and I am sure they will be well used and appreciated by local residents.”

Ward member for Braunton East, Councillor Derrick Spear, says: ““I very much welcome the creation of a footpath to link from the south of the BMX site to the car park. I am sure the residents will appreciate the ancillary fencing and appropriate landscaping.”

*Section 106 (S106) is money paid to the council by developers as part of the planning conditions of planning applications. The money can only be used for certain things, but is mainly used for public open space projects

1 comment on “South Molton Sports Clubs and Braunton BMX track to get new funding

  1. Stella Levy says:

    Does this mean the Football Club will be selling their existing site to developers? Does mean another green site disappears? Not being off about two sports facilities gaining this 106 money, but it does only benefit a small section of the South Molton community.

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