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Posted on: 17 October 2019

Representatives from North Devon Council are about to start knocking on doors across the district to remind residents they need to be registered to vote.

From Friday (18 October) council representatives will be calling at North Devon households who have not yet returned their household enquiry forms which are used to update the electoral register. Residents will be asked to confirm who is living at the property and provide names, email address and nationality – no other personal information will be requested during the door step visit.

The electoral register is a list of people who are eligible and registered to vote in the North Devon area. This list is updated throughout the year to remove people who no longer live in the area or add people who have reached voting age or moved into North Devon.

Electoral Services Manager, Judith Dark, said: “It’s really important to make sure the electoral register is kept up to date, if your details aren’t correct, you won’t be able to vote in upcoming elections.

“To make sure the register is up to date we need to know if you change address or change your name. Residents can register to vote once they’re 16 – they can then vote at the next election following their 18th birthday.

“All of our representatives will be carrying ID and will be working mainly in the evenings and at weekends. If you’re at all worried, you can call us to check their identity.”

Everyone who is 16 years of age and over, resident in the UK, a UK citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic, a citizen of the European Union (EU), not legally excluded from voting should be on the electoral register.

Door to door visits will be carried out until December.  Always ask to see identification, if in doubt, call North Devon Council on 01271 388277 (or 01271 388240 out of hours) to check the identification.

Further information about registering to vote as well as voting and elections can be found on the council website

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