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Posted on: 26 September 2019

A trio of planning consultations to help guide future developments across North Devon and Torridge has just begun.

North Devon Council and Torridge District Council are carrying out consultations on three supplementary planning documents (SPDs) which have been put together to supplement specific policies contained in the joint North Devon and Torridge Local Plan.  The documents provide more detailed guidance to help the policies be understood and applied to the developments.

The documents out for consultation are:

  • Rural Workers’ Dwellings SPD – how applications will be considered for dwellings to support the operation of new or existing rural business and the associated application and release of occupancy restricting conditions. Advice is also provided on opportunities to secure succession in the agriculture sector
  • Air Quality SPD – looks at how new developments could adversely affect air quality, the type and scale of development proposals which would require an air quality impact assessment and if so what it should include. This SPD also refers to the designated Air Quality Management Area at Braunton
  • Leadengate Design Guide SPD – design guide for Leadengate Fields and Leadengate Close, Croyde setting out how  future development should recognise and respect the area’s existing character

Lead Member for Economic Development and Strategic Planning Policy at North Devon Council, Councillor Malcolm Prowse, says: “Our planning officers are here to help and support you when making an application for a development project.  These documents are designed and written so applicants can respond positively to the policy requirements when making an application. It’s really important for us to find out what people think about the documents before they are adopted and referred to when considering planning applications in the future. We want to make sure they are user friendly, easy to understand and provide all the advice and information our residents need when they make a planning application.”

Lead Member for Planning and Development at Torridge, Councillor Peter Watson, says:  “To support the effective implementation of the recently adopted North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, the first in a series of supplementary planning documents have been prepared. The documents will add detail to the policies of the Local Plan, to guide their use and ensure consistency of application – it is important to note that the SPDs do not change the nature or intent of the policies contained in the local plan. The consultation exercise provides an opportunity for comments to be provided on the draft documents prior to their adoption by the respective councils.”

Local residents can find out more and have their say online. Paper copies of the documents are also available to view at local libraries and the following council offices:

• Lynton House, Commercial Road, Barnstaple, EX31 1DG
• Riverbank House, Chanters Road, Bideford, EX39 2QG
• The Ilfracombe Centre, Ilfracombe, EX34 8A
• The Amory Centre, South Molton, EX36 3BU

The consultations start today (Thursday 26 September) and will be open until 4.45pm on Friday 8 November. Following the close of the consultations comments received will be reviewed and any necessary amendments made to the documents before they are adopted by the councils and planning applications considered against them.

5 comments on “Have your say on planning consultations for future North Devon and Torridge developments

  1. Belinda Twiggs says:

    Regarding the potential re-development of the Leadengate Close and Filed areas of Croyde, the village infrastructure is already struggling with the burden of recent excessive new homes developments. These are proving and will prove to the detriment of the environment and amenities that have made the village so sought after. Year round and increased use of the roads, sewage, electricity and water supplies will have an adverse effect where efficiency is already compromised.
    There is no need for further development for profit. Climate change is created by human excess and this is yet another example of shortsighted greed!

  2. Catherine Sherwin says:

    More and more developent. The roads are unable to deal with current amount of vehicles. Doctors Surgeries are not able to take on new patients, NHS dentists are not available. I have just had to register with NHS Dental to see an NHS dentist. I was told there is a waiting list of over 3,000 so how can the input of more developments deal with these. Schools are bursting to breaking point. Mad developments are agreed with the Council with agreements stating that what used to be S108 Agreements for schools, playgrounds etc. but half the time nothing is done. Why doesn’t the Planning Department pursue Developers for not keeping to the planning agreement? Where do the people who will be purchasing new properties work? There is no good, professional employment in North Devon. Madness to allow any more development. They are even encroaching into Instow and each day one sees more land sold for development.

  3. t Sharples says:

    Seriously need to address the inadequate standards of Parish Councilors and their involvement in the planning process.

  4. Neil Cook says:

    Fix the traffic chaos in Braunton. Especially in the summer. It put off tourist returning, ruins air quality on the high street, turns back streets to rat runs.

    Change the traffic lights/ or build a sensible by pass

  5. Grahame says:

    Think roads snd infrastructure before any more add hoc developments!
    Ie 26 here then another 26 repeat for ever turns into thousands.
    Giving grid lock just to get round the planning laws.only allow house building that is affordable to the locals and our low wages.
    Stop ribbon development ie Instow to Barnstaple,
    Think local make decisions for locals and stop buy to let.

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