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Posted on: 9 September 2019

North Devon Council is carrying out a consultation on proposed changes to its Council Tax Reduction Scheme to find out what local residents think about it.

The council is proposing to make changes to its current working age council tax reduction scheme which helps North Devon residents on a low income to reduce their council tax bill. Pension age customers will not be affected due to a government scheme already in place.

To do this the council is planning to introduce an ‘income grid scheme’ to make it fairer, simpler, more affordable and easier to administer. Proposed changes include:

  • increasing the maximum level of reduction a customer can receive
  • limiting the number of dependant children in the assessment to a maximum of  two
  • reviewing what is offered to customers who have other adults living with them
  • changing the amount of income disregarded depending on the amount of hours a customer works and other benefits they receive

As well as the proposed changes, residents can also have their say on alternatives to the proposed changes including the possibility of keeping the current scheme. The council is proposing to make the changes following council tax reduction no longer being calculated in line with housing benefit since the introduction of Universal Credit.

Lead Member for Resources and Commercialisation at North Devon Council, Councillor Ian Roome, says: “This is your chance to have your say before any final decisions are made on the proposals. Responses to the consultation will all be thoroughly looked at and considered when deciding whether the changes should be made and also what is thought of the alternatives. It’s really important we hear from as many people as possible who will be affected by the changes so we can make sure any changes we make work for everyone concerned.”

The consultation starts today  (9 September 2019) and will be open until 20 October 2019. Residents can have their say and find out full details about the proposals on the council website.

Paper copies are available from council offices at Lynton House in Barnstaple, the Ilfracombe Centre, or the Amory Centre in South Molton. They are also available by calling the Benefits Team on 01271 388877.

3 comments on “Have your say on changes to Council Tax Reduction Scheme


    the council tax is fare to high in regard pensioners having to pay house hold bills and general living from week to week there is always a struggle to find the money along with other utility bills I for one think that it should be half what it is and put more of the burden throws that can afford to pay it with out struggling to keep a float

    • Holly says:

      Thank you for commenting – I will pass this on to our Council Tax team.

    • Holly says:

      Hi, I’ve just spoken with our Council Tax Reduction Team, if you contact them they would be happy to discuss this and provide advice especially to suit your needs – 01271 388877. Thank you.

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