North Devon Council website best in the country

Posted on: 13 August 2019

North Devon Council’s website has been judged the best local authority website in the country in a quarterly national audit.

Carried out by independent specialists Sitemorse, the assessment known as the Sitemorse ‘INDEX’ is based on some 1600 tests, checks and measures per page, identifying actions that improve the user experience, looking at factors such as loading speed, links and accessibility. The INDEX runs every quarter, assessing sites and giving them a score and subsequent rank.

Sitemorses’s Digital Manager Michelle Hay says: “Scoring highly typically reflects those that have strong digital leadership and understand the importance of providing the best visitor experience possible – and it reflects positively on the entire organisation’s operations and branding. It’s not the first time North Devon Council has topped the INDEX and they are consistently in the top ten, which means that they obviously understand what it takes to ensure that their customers have an excellent online experience.”

North Devon Council Leader Cllr David Worden says: “Providing access to our services online is crucial for busy people who simply don’t have the time to call the council during working hours. It’s essential to us that the online experience matches what people would get over the phone or face to face so our team work tirelessly to ensure it’s as easy as possible for our customers to interact with us online.”

The website remains continually under review with improvements being made all the time. One of the council’s priorities is to continue to provide better services for customers and this includes making more services quick and simple to access from the website.

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