Time is running out to have your say on Seven Brethren housing consultation

Seven Brethren consultation event

Posted on: 22 July 2019

Local residents and businesses are being reminded to have their say in a public consultation on plans for an exciting new waterfront development at Seven Brethren in Barnstaple.

North Devon Council is moving forward with its proposal to redevelop the current North Devon Leisure Centre site, while plans to provide a new swimming pool and leisure facilities adjoining Tarka Tennis Centre are getting close to being realised. The current leisure centre will close once the replacement facility has been built and is open, to ensure a seamless transition for users.

Last year the council was awarded a £2.2m grant from the government Land Release Fund (LRF), introduced to help councils unlock land for residential development. The grant will fund flood mitigation work and contribute to highway improvements, allowing the council to develop the site of the old leisure centre and move the long stay car park.

Seven Brethren masterplan

The plan allows for up to 245 units of accommodation, including apartments and town houses, on the site of the current leisure centre and existing long-stay car park. There will be a mix of retirement properties and family homes, with 30% allocated for affordable housing.

Leader of North Devon Council, Councillor David Worden, said: “We would like to hear from as many local people as possible on the housing plans for Seven Brethren and the best way to have your say is to take part in the consultation.

“The grant we were awarded last year has given us a really exciting opportunity to resolve the problem we have with a lack of housing options in the town centre, including the need for more affordable housing. We believe the high quality developments and designs in the plans will enhance this prime riverside location and meet the needs of our community.

“We will continue to work with Devon County Council and the Environment Agency to ensure the decisions we make are the right ones for Barnstaple and its residents. Please let us know your thoughts before the consultation closes on 26 July.”

There will be further opportunities to comment as part of the planning process once the council has submitted its plans to planning.

The plans will be available on the council’s website, with the opportunity to comment until Friday 26 July. Go to to have your say.

6 comments on “Time is running out to have your say on Seven Brethren housing consultation

  1. Pat says:

    Sadly I am too late for the end of the first consultation but I would like to comment anyway. I agree with the above, this expensive accommodation is not what is required in Barnstaple for yet more well off people from elsewhere. I cannot understand where the shortage of housing is, much too much development in the area, which is not catering for our local population but other councils & people who are able to buy housing for investment. It is time for a reality check, we don’t have sufficient Doctors, Nurses, hospital beds, schools, teachers, police, failing infrastructure etc etc etc. PLEASE value Barnstaple & surrounding areas instead of allowing the destruction by developers.

  2. Rudi Drake says:

    How far along the river is this going down? Because unless it’s been conveniently forgotten about there is an old landfill site there I’m pretty sure you can’t build on that because of the gasses. Also where will the fair be located after the redevelopment?

  3. M West says:

    I dont agree with this at all, there are too many houses being built and its killing Barnstaple, as usuall these ideas/plans etc are being pushed through by a load of incompetent,out of touch, corrupt Councillors, who want to fullfill their own financial agenda. The High St is dead because of high Business rates, there are no Butchers any more, only Coffee stops and Charity stops. Traffic congestion is Terrible, who signed off the roundabout by the Hospital with no through road to Shirwell (MORON!!) adding to pollution / climate change, the Council is a joke!!

  4. Jim Bell says:

    I AM AGAINST THIS DEVELOPMEMNT. Where are all the people who park their cars on Severn Brethren for the day whilst they go to work, going to park if you build this estate? The new swimming pool will only be half the size of the present one?? You have more than enough housing estates being built in the area, this one is not needed. The council only wants to build on this land because they own it and can make millions from the sale.

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