Council deal with dirty dog owner on Instow beach

Posted on: 22 May 2019

A Bideford resident has been fined £100 for failing to pick up after his dog, as North Devon Council continues its zero tolerance approach to dog fouling.

Last week, following information being received from a member of the public, an offence of fouling was observed on Instow beach. As a result, a man from Bideford was issued with a fixed penalty notice for failing to pick up the mess.

At the time of the offence, a member of the public challenged the dog owner to pick up the mess but he refused. The man’s vehicle registration number was recorded and handed to the council.

Neighbourhood Officer in the Environmental Protection team at North Devon Council, Alan Kyles, says: “This recent fine should demonstrate to the public that we are continuing our clamp down on dog owners who continue to leave this disgusting mess behind for others to deal with. There is absolutely no excuse for failing to pick up after your dog, and we will continue to patrol and act on information given to us from our local residents.

“This case shows that the public really can help us detect environmental offences and we are grateful to all those who are vigilant and inform us when they witness offending such as this. We can’t be everywhere at once so we really do rely on our community to help keep it under control.

“Help us tackle the dog fouling problem; join #TeamNorthDevon, follow our Clear Messages campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and call out anyone you see failing to pick up their dog’s mess.”

Failure to clean up after your dog can result in a fixed penalty notice of £100, with a maximum fine of £1,000. You can report dog fouling online on our website. 

5 comments on “Council deal with dirty dog owner on Instow beach

  1. Stephen Higgins says:

    Just pick up after your dog has pooped and stay away from dog restricted areas. There’s loads or room for everybody! I.i am a dog owner

  2. Mr Phil says:

    Good news. Why did the person confront the dog owner then? They could have reported them anyway and not their place to play policeman. As the people involved were both locals I’m thinking more to this than the bare bones…

    I understand dogs on Instow beach is an emotive issue as some locals/etc don’t like it, on one hand and b) its a beach against a piece of polluted, unswimmable estuary but brings tourists and locals alike, on the other.
    I’m on holiday later in the week so we’ll see. Oh, I do pick up after my dog, I’m a nice chap to talk to but like most folks, don’t take kindly to being confronted by bullies.


      I don’t know where you have been hiding for the past ‘how many years’ but honestly being asked to pick up after your dog is in no way being bullied, Its taking pride in your surroundings. Fortunately, there are others like me that would do and have done the exact same thing, most the time the owners are too involved with their phone or their friends to keep an eye on their pet. I know, I have observed and experienced it, unfortunately it is usually the locals that are the culprits and when you mention to them the obvious they become all aggressive haha. makes me smile.

    • Martin says:

      Where is bullying mentioned?

  3. Phill Matthews says:

    Well done to the person who informed the authorities and to the council for following up on the information. As a dog owner myself, I find it frustrating we have our access restricted to a very small number of beaches during summertime as a result of this kind of behaviour.

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