New council for North Devon announced

L-R Cllr Prowse (Deputy Leader), Cllr Hunt (Vice-Chair), Cllr Biederman (Chair), Cllr Worden (Leader)

Posted on: 17 May 2019

A new leadership has been announced at North Devon Council following the first council meeting since the district elections earlier this month.

At today’s annual council meeting (Thursday 16 May), Councillor David Worden was elected as the new Leader of the Council. Councillor Malcolm Prowse was elected as Deputy Leader. Both will stay in the posts until Annual Council on 1 April 2020. The council has adopted a new constitution and has changed from operating an executive system to a committee system. Part of that change means that the Leader and Deputy Leader are appointed on an annual basis.

Councillor Worden says: “I am delighted to be elected as the new Leader of North Devon Council. We face lots of challenges but we want to be a more inclusive council, working together for the benefit of all the community. Going forward, community engagement will be very important, as will protecting the environment and bringing about economic growth to North Devon.”

Also, at the meeting, Councillor Frank Biederman was elected as Chairman of the Council and Councillor Julie Hunt was elected as Vice-Chair.

Councillor Biederman says: “It is an honour to be elected to the position of Chairman and to represent such a fantastic district as North Devon. I am looking forward to us all working together as councillors in an open and transparent manner, for the good of our community.”

Other changes to the council’s constitution will see a Strategy and Resources committee replace the Executive as the main decision making body of the council. It also means all committees will be politically balanced, giving much wider political representation.

Members of the Strategy and Resources Committee will be:

  • Councillor Caroline Leaver (Liberal Democrat)
  • Councillor Councillor Graham Lofthouse (Liberal Democrat)
  • Councillor Liz Spear  (Liberal Democrat)
  • Councillor Malcolm Wilkinson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Councillor David Worden  (Liberal Democrat)
  • Councillor Glyn Lane (Conservative)
  • Councillor Jeremy Yabsley (Conservative)
  • Councillor John Patrinos  (Independent)
  • Councillor Malcolm Prowse (Independent)
  • Councillor Netti Pearson (Green)

The first meeting of the new Strategy and Resources Committee will take place on 3 June.

Information about all North Devon district councillors can be found on our website.

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