Plea to dog owners to do the right thing

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Posted on: 29 March 2019

North Devon Council is reminding dog owners to pick up and dispose of their dogs mess properly, following recent changes by parish councils.

Recently, the private business that had contracts with parish councils and other landowners to empty their dog waste bins chose to withdraw its services. This left parish councils with the decision to either remove their bins or seek another contractor to empty them.

North Devon Council still owns and empties 105 dog bins across the district – these are not affected by the changes and will continue to be emptied on a regular basis. Only additional dog bins which were provided by parish councils are affected.

NDC has approached all parish councils to see if they would be interested in coming under its contract for emptying their dog bins, however the council is aware that some parishes have already removed their extra bins. In these instances, dog owners should use the closest NDC dog bin, take it home with them, or as a last resort, double bag it and place it in a litter bin.

The council is appealing to the local community for their support while parish councils are managing this problem and reminding dog owners that it is their legal duty and responsibility to clear up properly after their dogs. In some areas, dog owners are piling up their bags of dog waste in places where parish dog bins used to be located. This behaviour is unacceptable and will be treated as littering, with anyone responsible facing a fine or prosecution.

Head of Operational Services, Ricky McCormack, says: “We understand there is some confusion and concern about the recent changes to dog waste bins in local parishes. We have been working with those affected to help identify a long term solution for the management of their waste. We want to clarify that NDC dog waste bins are not being removed. Please be responsible for your own dog waste, don’t leave it piled up next to a full bin or in the place where a parish bin used to be located – find one of our dog bins or take it home with you instead if you have to.”

NDC bins are easily identifiable as they are all marked with a unique number, you can find them all mapped on the council’s website www.northdevon.gov.uk/mapping/.

3 comments on “Plea to dog owners to do the right thing

  1. Marc Cornelius says:

    Because of the actions of NDC the private contractor felt unable to continue operations. Surely this is then NDC’s fault?

    Perhaps NDC could explain the full story rather than the pushing the blame elsewhere.

    And what about “or as a last resort, double bag it and place it in a litter bin.” ?

  2. Marc Cornelius says:

    Parish Councils are having difficulties with the collection of dog waste because of the actions of North Devon Council – the blame lies almost completely at their door.

    I don’t know why NDC say “or as a last resort, double bag it and place it in a litter bin.” If there is no dog waste bin the bagged waste should go in a standard litter bin.

    • fayehedden says:

      Hello Marc, this is absolutely not the case. The issue is between Parish Councils and a private contractor while NDC are trying to help resolve the situation.

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