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Posted on: 7 November 2018

A consultation has started to review parish boundaries for some areas in North Devon.

North Devon Council is carrying out the consultation to tidy up some parish boundaries to bring them in line with the district ward boundaries following a district boundary review last year. The areas affected are:

• Mill on the Mole, South Molton
• Westacott, Landkey
• Mount Sandford Green, Landkey

As well as this, following representations during a previous consultation, the council is consulting on a proposal to move Gunn from Swimbridge parish to Goodleigh parish.

Head of Corporate and Community Services at North Devon Council, Ken Miles, says: “The main issues that we will consider following the consultation and when deciding whether to proceed with the changes are the impacts on community engagement, cohesiveness of communities, local democracy and the delivery of local services. Because of this it’s really important that local residents get involved and let us know their thoughts on the proposals.”

If changes are made it will mean that people living in the areas affected will come within different parishes and will vote for different parish councils from before in future elections. The changes may also impact on the amount of council tax those residents pay.

Residents can find out more about the consultation and have their say on the council website. 

The consultation is open until 2 January 2019. Following this, the council will decide whether to proceed with the changes and if necessary the final order will be published before the May 2019 election.

2 comments on “North Devon parish boundaries consultation has started

  1. Pat Coates says:

    Other area needing to be reviewed is Lee, Ilfracombe.
    Canvassing and can’t believe several properties in heart of village come under Mortehoe Parish owing to ancient boundaries!!

  2. Michael Pearson says:

    What a waste of money !
    How will older, disabled and vulnerable people get into Vote ! Able bodied people will have to drive and where will we park ??
    So Landkey Parish Council won’t represent the whole of Landkey ? Ridiculous

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