New recycling bag trial in bid to curb litter

Ilfracombe High Street

Posted on: 5 November 2018

A trial of a new heavy duty recycling bag is to be introduced by North Devon Council at the end of November in a small area of Ilfracombe.

Approximately 650 homes have been selected to trial the heavy duty recycling bag, which will be used to store recyclable plastic and tin while glass will continue to go in the recycling box. The bag has been designed to increase the capacity for recycling, as well as to prevent recycling from blowing into the street in windy weather conditions.  The trial area in Ilfracombe was chosen because it is on high ground with some steep streets, which means wind-blown recycling is currently a problem. The roads chosen to take part are:

  • New Barnstaple Road
  • Worth Road
  • Highfield Road
  • Cambridge Grove
  • Orchard Road
  • Hostle Park Road
  • Hostle Park
  • Apsley Terrace
  • High Street
  • Berkeley Place
  • Marlborough Park
  • Victoria Road
  • Barns Passage
  • Oak Tree Gardens
  • Shaftesbury Road
  • Whittingham Road
  • St Peters Terrace
  • Princess Avenue
  • Queens Avenue

North Devon Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann says: “We are excited to trial the new heavy duty recycling bags, which have double the capacity of a recycling box, and seal at the top. These containers will prevent plastic bottles and other recycling from escaping and littering the streets. North Devon residents care about their beautiful environment and have really embraced recycling, with the amount of waste sent to landfill decreasing in some areas. This means that many homes struggle for space when it comes to recycling, and these sacks will provide more storage for recyclable waste.”

The trial will start on Monday 26 November. Households affected by the trial will be contacted by letter, and will receive a handy ‘what goes where’ leaflet to help them manage their household waste. North Devon Council will review the trial after three months and again after six months, before deciding on any future use of the heavy duty recycling bags. If you have any queries about the trial please contact the council on 01271 388360 or email customerservices@northdevon.gov.uk.

3 comments on “New recycling bag trial in bid to curb litter

  1. sue says:

    I love the idea of recycling. Come on this bag is going yo be wet muddy how its made the string is going to drag wet all over your clothes.Get recycle plant give us a bin with a lid. I wash my bin out each week because over night dogs pee up it. This bag is going to be difficult to keep clean. If we cant have a recycle plant contract someone who has

  2. Mark Alcock says:

    As someone who is in the trial area I am more than happy to embrace the new way of recycling. However, I suspect that for some people this may be a step too far in terms of remembering what goes where, for some this will be the 7th container. You may find that some people will load the new bag with everything if it prevents stuff from blowing away, which currently happens with the brown and green bags. In turn, this will be a problem for those collecting the recycling having to sort through the bag. If it is also designed to increase recycling rates then that is excellent news but the money could be better spent on encouraging those people who don’t currently recycle and insist on sending their waste to landfill.

  3. Barbara Tompkinson says:

    Having a seal will stop passers by dropping there waste especially dog poo bags in your recycling

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