Help make North Devon litter free as heavier fines for littering are introduced

Posted on: 23 March 2018

North Devon Council is calling for help to make North Devon litter free and warning litter louts that heavier fines for littering are on the way next month.

With the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Coastlines campaign gaining momentum in North Devon, the council would like to build on the public’s enthusiasm and make the district a ‘litter free’ zone too.
From 1 April 2018, the fine for dropping litter will almost double, increasing from £80 to £150. The changes to fines for littering follow a public consultation by the government, as part of the launch of England’s first Litter Strategy. Under the new measures, vehicle owners could also receive a penalty charge notice when it can be proved that litter was thrown from their car, even if it was discarded by a passenger.

As part of its Clear Messages campaign, the council’s Environmental Protection team wants to highlight the negative impact litter has on our environment and the responsibility we all have in keeping North Devon clean. This includes challenging and reporting those we see littering; acting as a positive role model to our children, friends and relatives; reducing the amount we throw away and playing a part in clearing up and keeping our public spaces free from litter.

According to the Highways Agency over 700,000 bags of rubbish are removed from England’s roads each year, with Defra estimating that £667 million is spent each year cleaning up litter on our streets. Here in North Devon, the council is part way through its annual litter pick of the Link Road, which last year saw more than 1,200 bags of rubbish collected from a 34 mile stretch of the road over a six week period.
Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: “Litter on beaches is big news at the moment and it’s clear that attitudes towards litter are changing. Initiatives like the ‘2 Minute Beach Clean’ and ‘Plastic Free North Devon’ are inspiring people to make positive steps to prevent and control the damaging effects of litter on our environment. We also have some really active, established litter picking groups in local communities around the district and if there isn’t one in your area, perhaps you could start one? Or maybe you could take a bag with you on your dog walks and pick up litter along the way? Every little helps, we all have a part to play in keeping North Devon clean.”

North Devon Council Neighbourhood Officer Alan Kyle, says: “North Devon Council will be taking a robust response in line with these new guidelines. Keepers of vehicles also need to understand that officers will be able to issue fixed penalty notices through the post for each littering offence, especially when travelling on our roads.”

The council is keen to support any clean-up events that town and parish councils, community groups and organisations may wish to run. Litter-picking equipment, high visibility clothing and refuse bags can be supplied and rubbish collected from events by prior arrangement. Contact the council on 01271 374776 or email for more information.

Report littering or fly-tipping on the council’s website Share stories and images of your efforts to combat litter in your community on the council’s Facebook page or on Twitter (@ndevoncouncil) #clearmessages #dontmessabout #stopmessingaround.

6 comments on “Help make North Devon litter free as heavier fines for littering are introduced

  1. J.Sankey says:

    Litter on the north Devon link road is everywhere on both sides of the road. Confirms how dirty English people have become and displays councils lack of workforce and facilities to cope.
    Why can’t we use low risk prisoners to deal with this as they do in the US or would that upset the wet liberals who seem to govern us.

    • Mair says:

      Hello there. We carry out an annual litter pick along the Link Road every Spring so things should be looking better soon. Roadside littering is very frustrating especially considering we provide bins in the lay-bys along the Link Road. Thanks for getting in touch.

  2. Dave Jagi says:

    I am fed up with picking up litter dropped by the recycling people in the road where I live, usually right outside my front door where they stop. I have complained to NDC but they do nothing except to say they will inform the recycling depot. NDC have refused to give me the recycling supervisor’s contact details. Their “droppings” are a nuisance and unsightly. There is no excuse. I will not be picking it up any more. I am not a street cleaner.
    So, does your campaign of issuing fixed penalty tickets to litter louts also apply to recycling staff too lazy to pick up their own litter??
    I would be happy to be contacted meaningfully by NDC

  3. Helen Sparrow says:

    Thursday 5th April
    Just seen B3227 from Oakford to South Molton rubbish everywhere on either side of the road. It is recycle collection day and rubbish always seem to be worse on these days so dont know if some of the littler flies out of the rubbish collection vans. it is a disgrace and a terrible sight for all of the holiday makers who come here each year

    • Mair says:

      On occasion we receive reports that recycling has been spilled from one of our vehicles and we respond and remove it as soon as we can. Unfortunately we have a general litter problem in the area, and as well as regular street sweeping we also undertake large litter pick operations, such as the one currently underway on the North Devon Link Road (which normally yields over 1,200 bags of litter from that stretch of road, most of which is litter thrown from cars). We are hoping that anti-littering campaigns will help raise awareness of this issue and what everyone can do to help prevent it.

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