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Posted on: 12 March 2018

Residents living in North Devon Council’s waste and recycling trial area are being asked to complete a survey about their experiences.

The trial, introduced in June last year, includes an unlimited weekly recycling collection service, alongside a three-weekly black bin collection for anything that can’t be recycled and therefore has to go to landfill. Householders who have participated in the trial are being asked to provide honest feedback to the council in a survey, which is available to complete on the council’s website. A paper copy is also being delivered to homes together with council tax bills.

The trial currently covers the following areas:

• Challacombe
• Bratton Fleming
• Part of Brayford
• Arlington
• Shirwell
• Landkey
• Whiddon Valley
• Forches
• Snapper
• Stoke Rivers
• Chelfham

The council decided to run the trial with three main aims: to increase the amount and type of recyclable materials that can be collected in the district every week; to meet national recycling targets of 50% by 2020; and to reduce the cost of the overall service in order to protect vital frontline services from further cuts. The results of the survey will be used to help the council decide the future of the trial, including the possibility of it being extended to other areas of the district.

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann says: “Our waste and recycling trial involved a huge shift in habits for lots of householders, and there was understandably some apprehension early on about the changes involved. Despite this, the vast majority of residents in the trial area really engaged with the trial and put the effort in to recycle more of their waste, which has meant less going to landfill. For that, we are very grateful, and would like to say thank you.”

If you require additional recycling containers you can order them on North Devon Council’s website or by telephoning 01271 374776.

The survey is now closed.

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