Lee conservation area extended

Posted on: 6 March 2018

The conservation area for Lee is being extended with more historic characteristics and qualities set to be protected.

At a meeting of North Devon Council’s Executive yesterday (Monday 5 March) councillors agreed to recommendations in a report that Lee Conservation Character Appraisal 2018 and the revised boundary for the area are formally adopted by the council. This means that the conservation area for the village has been almost doubled from 11 hectares to 20.8, extending further to the north, east and west as well as including more open spaces.

The character appraisal identifies the key characteristics and qualities of the conservation area for the village and has been produced following public consultations last summer. The appraisal includes most of the suggestions put forward by members of the public and consultees who took part.

Lead member for Strategic Planning at North Devon Council, Councillor Jeremy Yabsley, says: “Conservation areas and character appraisals play an important part in helping to protect special features and locations of an area that are unique and make it what it is. They are not designed to stop development or change to an area but to recognise the special qualities and characteristics so that we can preserve and enhance them for future generations to enjoy.

“I understand that the consultations were very well attended by people of all ages putting forward their ideas and suggestions about what we should include in the appraisal as well as the proposal to extend the conservation area. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend, this just goes to show how taking part in these events when we hold them can make a real difference to a village or town.”

There are 41 conservation areas across the North Devon district, most with their own character appraisal and management plan. Conservation areas aim to recognise the architectural and historic interest and importance to the community of the locations within it.

When planning applications are considered the council will look at the conservation area, its character appraisal and management plan to see if the proposals will preserve or enhance the area before making a decision.

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