Boost for housing for vulnerable people

Posted on: 1 March 2018

Funding for a project to provide more housing for vulnerable people in North Devon has been more than doubled following a council meeting last week.

Initially, half a million pounds was being put aside by North Devon Council to invest in buying properties to help people who find themselves temporarily homeless. But at a Full Council meeting on 21 February, councillors voted to take this up to £1.2 million to increase the number of properties that would be available to help those in need.

Leader of the Independent Group, Cllr Mike Edmunds put forward the proposal. He says: “Although it seems like a lot of money to spend, it will actually save the authority money in the long run as we can stop using bed and breakfast accommodation that is often expensive and not suitable for our more vulnerable customers. This way, we can provide fit for purpose accommodation to meet a number of different needs, supporting people when they are in desperate need.”

Lead Member for Housing Cllr Brian Moores says: “I really welcome this move. It makes good business sense, but most importantly, it is helping those people who are most vulnerable and will help them get back on their feet more quickly.”

A cross-party working group will now discuss how best to invest the money to ensure there is suitable accommodation for the different circumstances people find themselves in.

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