Link road litter pick returns

Last year’s litter pick crew Martin Kiff, Tom Dempster and Robert Boden

Posted on: 7 February 2018

An annual litter pick event on the North Devon Link Road returns on 12 February, aiming to repeat the success of last year, in which almost eight tonnes of rubbish was collected.

North Devon Council’s clean-up of a 34 mile stretch of the link road will take place over six weeks until the start of Easter.

This year’s litter pick coincides with environmental charity Surfer’s Agaist Sewage’s ‘Plastic Free Coastlines’ campaign, which has been given the council’s backing. The campaign aims to tackle the growing plastic pollution crisis by getting people and organisations to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce. So as well as asking the public not to drop litter, North Devon residents are being asked by the council to think about the type of rubbish they produce in the first place.

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: “The link road is the main gateway into our district, so it is incredibly important that it represents North Devon in a positive light and shows off what a beautiful district we live in. It is so disheartening to see that people continue to discard their litter on the road side, and it’s a shame we need to rely on this clean-up operation to keep the link road litter-free. Of all the rubbish we collect on the link road during the litter pick, there is a huge amount of plastic, which is very harmful to the environment. We appeal to all link road users – visitors and locals alike – to avoid buying single-use plastic products or, when they do buy these plastics, to put them in their recycling boxes at home rather than leaving them on the road side.  By working together and taking responsibility for our own actions we can keep North Devon beautiful.”

Last year’s clean-up efforts resulted in 1,265 bags of rubbish being collected by the council in six weeks. As well as a large volume of fast food packaging, refuse crews picked up 22 car tyres, three bags of sand and a television, plus personal items such as bank cards and driving licences.

The council can offer advice and loan litter pick equipment to anyone interested in organising their own litter pick event. The council may also collect rubbish collected during clean-ups by prior arrangement.

For more information, or to borrow litter pick equipment from the council please contact More information about Surfer’s Against Sewage’s ‘Plastic Free Coastlines’ campaign is available on their website

2 comments on “Link road litter pick returns

  1. Frances King says:

    It seems you didn’t do the ‘litter pick’ on 12 Feb.I drove along A361 from Bish Mill/South Molton to Instow on Sat 17th Feb and was disgusted by the amount of litter along the road, especially in the lay-bys. Is it not more sensible to provide LARGE bins in lay-bys which are emptied on a regular basis, and would be less time consuming than the plan at the moment? I don’t know what the answer is – it appears that many people have no regard whatsoever for others or the environment.

    I would like your litter pick equipment please – I frequently clean up the roads around our house.

    • amycarr says:

      Hello. The litter pick was due to start on 12 February but for operational reasons was postponed until 19 February. It will continue for six weeks and one crew covers more than 30 miles of road. We agree with you entirely, it is disgraceful that people continue to leave their rubbish on the roadside or throw it out of windows. I will pass your suggestion regarding large bins to our waste and recycling team. In the meantime we hope more people will start to take personal responsibility for the waste they produce and, where no bin is present, take their waste home and recycle it responsibly.

      We loan out litter-pick equipment for clean-up events; when you are planning a clean-up please contact our customer services team (01271 374776) or email

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