Wheels in motion again for historic mill at Bicclescombe Park

Posted on: 5 February 2018

05 February 2018

Wheels in motion again for historic mill at Bicclescombe Park

The wheels will be set in motion again next week at Bicclescombe Park in Ilfracombe, as restoration of the park’s historic mill is now complete.

North Devon Council approved the release of £15,000 of funding for restoration of the mill in May last year and work began at the multi-award winning park in August. The wheel buckets and boards have been replaced, the mill wheel repainted, debris cleared from the waterwheel pit and the gable wall repainted. Inside the building, the timber beams and floor joists have been replaced and a new window fitted to the gable over the mill wheel, along with new fencing and lighting.

To celebrate the reopening of the historic mill, everyone is invited to an afternoon filled with arts and crafts for children and information on how the mill works. This will take place on 14 February from 1pm to 4pm, with the wheel being turned on at 2pm.

Executive member responsible for leisure and culture at North Devon Council, Councillor Dick Jones says: “We are very happy with the restoration work that has been done and are honoured to have Nick Pedlar turning the wheel on. Nick is the son of Glanville Pedlar who was instrumental in the original restoration of the mill in the 1960’s along with the Rotary Club of Ilfracombe. We hope everyone will come and see this historic event.”

Bicclescombe old mill house and tea rooms is staffed entirely by local volunteers so if you would like to donate some of your spare time to help out, please contact them on 07879 882877 to find out how.

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