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Posted on: 5 February 2018

Recommendations for next year’s North Devon Council budget were agreed at an Executive meeting today (5 February).

As government cuts continue to squeeze local authorities, members discussed savings plans and looked at difficult areas such as cutting some funding to outside bodies and putting up NDC’s share of the council tax.

Changes to the council’s recycling service last year are projected to make the most significant savings. Reconfiguring collection rounds to make them more efficient are predicted to save the council £340,000 a year and an extra £125,000 will be raised due to a reduction in the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Other recommendations include passing on a small reduction in the amount given to external bodies in grants.

Councillors backed increasing NDC’s share of the council tax by an inflation-level 2.99% to help bridge the funding gap – an increase of 10p per week for an average Band D home.

Council Leader Cllr Des Brailey says: “Funding from the government continues to drop whilst the costs of running our services continues to rise. We’ve lost another 8% in government funding this year. This means it’s yet another year of making some tough decisions. As always, we will be looking at striking the tricky balance between increasing council tax and spending less on services and grants.”

The proposals for the budget will go to a meeting of the Full Council on 21 February for approval.

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