Local Plan hearings to reopen this month

View of countryside across North Devon and Torridge

Posted on: 4 January 2018

The draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan is set to come under further scrutiny during additional public hearings this month.

Hearing sessions on the document which sets out how North Devon and Torridge will develop up to 2031, showing what development the area needs and where it might be located during this time, are planned to take place for two days from 16 – 18 January. The plan has been prepared jointly by officers and councillors from North Devon Council and Torridge District Council, following extensive public consultation.

The hearings are taking place so that the Planning Inspector can discuss issued raised through previous public consultation on two main matters within the plan:

• Yelland Quay – whether the plan addresses the concerns of Natural England and RSPB with regards to the potential impact of proposed mixed use development on wildlife adjoining this site
• Five Year Land Supply – how the trajectory for delivery of housing has been calculated and whether a five year land supply can be demonstrated.

Lead Member for the Local Plan at North Devon Council, Councillor Jeremy Yabsley, says: “This two-day hearing will be an opportunity for us to provide the Planning Inspector with all the information she requires on the outstanding issues to show that the Local Plan is sound and that we can demonstrate a five year land supply. We are confident that we have identified enough sites deliverable over the next five years to maintain an adequate five year land supply.

“We would have liked to have adopted the Local Plan by the end of last year, but we hope to be able to satisfy the Planning Inspector’s lines of enquiry during the hearing sessions and that it won’t cause too much of a delay to our timetable.”

Lead Member for Planning at Torridge District Council, Councillor Pete Watson, says: “We now look forward to the opportunity that the upcoming hearing sessions offer to put across our views to the Inspector, set out why we think the plan is robust and help it move swiftly towards adoption.”

The hearing sessions will be taking place at the Cedars Inn, Bickington Road, Barnstaple. Members of the public may attend the sessions but only parties invited to attend by the Inspector may speak.

Details of the examination, as well as all associated documents and the programme of events (document EC37), can be found on the councils’ consultation page. Further details are also available from the Programme Officer, programmeofficer@northdevon.gov.uk or 01271 318537.

Following the close of the hearing sessions the Inspector will prepare a final report with her findings for publication.

2 comments on “Local Plan hearings to reopen this month

  1. Holly says:

    Hi Stu

    Thank you for your comment. Following the close of the hearing sessions the Inspector will prepare a final report for us with her findings for publication. However, I will speak to our planning team and see if there is any other information at this point.

    Kind regards


  2. stuart maskell says:

    did you go to the open hearings and do you now have a summary of the initial findings and or an impression of what the result will be ref the 5 year land supply?
    stu maskell.

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