North Devon Car Trader fined for breaching a Community Protection Notice

Barnstaple magistrates courtBarnstaple magistrates court

Posted on: 14 November 2017

The owner of a Barnstaple car sales company has been ordered to pay more than £1000 following three breaches of a Community Protection Notice (CPN).

Alex West, 39 of Budget Cars, Bickington Road, Barnstaple, did not attend the hearing at North and East Devon Magistrates Court on Thursday 9 November 2017, but did offer a plea of guilty in writing.

The CPN required West to desist from placing any vehicle that is not roadworthy or does not have a valid Vehicle Excise Licence (VEL) and MOT certificate or is not displaying a registration number on any public highway or on private land without the owner’s permission. This notice was put in place by North Devon Council in February this year.

Mr West was charged for breaching the notice on three occasions by parking a Ford Focus at Tomlin Hall, Bickington in July 2017, parking an unregistered minibus at Liddicleave, Bickington in September 2017 and parking a Suzuki Jeep at North Lane, Bickington in October 2017.  None of the vehicles had a valid VEL or MOT.

Councillor Rodney Cann, Executive Member for the Environment, says: “It is unacceptable for anyone operating as a business to use the public highway and private land without the permission of the landowner in this way. The Council takes these anti-social offences very seriously and will deal robustly with people or car traders who do this.  I would like to encourage any members of the public to contact us if they have any information on abandoned vehicles or this sort of practice.”

Mr West was fined the sum of £500 for the first offence, with no separate penalty for the other two offences, and was ordered to pay the sum of £582 to cover the Council’s cost in full.

If you are concerned about similar activity in your neighbourhood, please contact or phone 01271 388870 with details of the vehicles and the location.

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