Garden waste collections over the winter months

Posted on: 9 October 2017

Garden waste will be collected every four weeks during the winter months.

Between November and January inclusive, residents who have signed up to North Devon Council’s garden waste collection service will see their green bins emptied every four weeks instead of fortnightly.

Collections are reduced during this period due to the reduction in garden waste over the winter months.  The last fortnightly collections will take place during the weeks commencing 16 and 23 October, with green bins next being emptied four weeks later, then every four weeks until February.

Lead member for the Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann says “There is simply less green waste produced during the winter months, so we are reducing the frequency of our collections to match this. It ensures that we are not making unnecessary journeys across the district to empty bins that are only half full. Making less frequent green waste collections during winter is in line with other councils across the country, some of whom suspend their service altogether. Our winter schedule will still give residents the opportunity to keep their gardens in shape, and the fortnightly service will resume again in February.”

For more information and to check your collection dates online, see North Devon Council’s website

Terms and Conditions issued with garden waste permits are also on the council’s website.

11 comments on “Garden waste collections over the winter months

  1. J A Couch says:

    The Green Bin Contract has been broken despite NDC exclamations. The money was taken, service not provided total dishonest transaction.

  2. Peter Bisiker says:

    Unbelievable… entered into paying £36 for a fortnightly collection and now have to wait for a month to be able to clear my green bin , so I can carry on pruning the hedge row at the back of my house that the council never touch. What a scam…. never told about monthly collections in winter. Why call it a fortnightly collection.. trade description would call it false advertising and as such FRAUD.

  3. Mombs says:

    Diabolical! The council obviously very short sited as the leaves that fall and are collected in our green bins will now be left in the gutters, blocking drains, consequently added cost to the council to unblock them! makes me feel like emptying my bin of leaves in the road!

  4. Gill Heavens says:

    Outrageous! You take away one of our services, say we can have it if we pay, then when we pay you don’t deliver what was agreed. Any gardener knows that garden waste in the winter actually increases rather than decreases, what with pruning and cutting back. Highly dubious.

  5. Holly says:

    Thank you for your comments,as mentioned in our reminder above there is lots of information about the service on our website. We appreciate your comments and understand your frustration, however we believe we have provided information about the ‘winter collections’ changes to all our customers in a number of different ways. From May, when someone contacted our Customer Services team to sign up for this new paid-for service, we asked our advisors to explain to them our ‘winter collections’ reduction before they took a payment.

    Also, as many people signed up online, we didn’t have the opportunity to personally explain the ‘winter collections’ to them. Therefore, we supplied the terms and condition on the back of the permit and on our website. Within these, we detailed how our ‘winter collections’ would be reduced.

    To ensure people are aware of the changes, we are now reminding customers about winter collections. We are informing the media, posting messages on our website and social media pages and asking our green wheelie bin collection crews to place a ‘tag’ on green bins.

    The reason for us changing collections to monthly is because over the last 15 years, the amount of garden waste we collect in the winter months is always significantly reduced.

  6. B Edwards says:

    Evidently the council members are not gardeners. Winter time is the time to prune, collect leaves, tidy up the garden. The only difference is that you don’t mow the grass quit so often.
    It was also never mentioned up front when we payed. Apparently it was there in the very small print. Funny how the council can change their schedule. But if we want to cancel our collection there is no refund. Just another way to gain more revinue.

  7. Kevin Lamb says:

    This is disgusting! I’ve just paid for 2 bins to be emptied every fortnight, you’ve had my money and given me half of my product! Will you be reimbursing my money or is it fraud/ theft.

    Mr lamb

  8. Mrs. E Antell says:

    what a total scam. we entered into an agreement with the council, and paid quite highly for this, only for the council to then decide they would be altering it. to say we need less collections this time of the year is crazy, our bin is already full prior to being collected next week. ewe still have hedges to cut, grass to mow and runner beans, tomatoes and cucumbers to dispose of now that summer is over. My husband is disabled and not able to get to the refuse tip. are dumpy bags or garden sacks to be allocated to replace the bins? or perhaps we will get a refund for being over-charged. copies of this will be sent to local paper

  9. Mrs. E. Antell says:

    what a total SCAM we entered into an agreement with the council for our green bins to be collected fortnightly, and paid quite highly for this. To say there is a reduction in garden waste at this time is a load of tripe, we are still cutting lawns, have hedges to trim, and tomato, cuccumber and runner beans to dispose of in the next few weeks. If bins are to be stopped, the least the council should do is to provide dumpy bags or garden bin bags so that we can dispose of it ourselves, even though there is a disabled person in the house and it would be difficult. copies of this comment will be sent to the local newspapers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When I paid my annual fee, I was not aware that collections would be monthly in the winter. The next few months are when gardeners like myself will be cutting back hedges and pruning. I will be forced to use the black bin for this if my green bin is full.

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