Council welcomes the announcement of reforms to support health and social care

Older lady with a carer Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger on Unsplash

Posted on: 7 September 2021

Devon County Council’s deputy leader and Cabinet member for adult health and social care, James McInnes, said:

“The whole health and care system is under tremendous pressure. So I welcome the Government’s announcement of reforms which Devon County Council has been calling for for years.

Photo of Councillor James McInnes

Councillor James McInnes

“We have an ageing population in this country and particularly here in Devon and we all have a clear duty to look after our elderly and vulnerable.

“Obviously you can’t spend more without raising more and that’s never popular. But something has to be done and there will now be an informed, national debate about the Government’s proposals to raise the cash through National Insurance and the tax on share dividends.

“And for some years, councils have been earmarking part of their council tax for adult health and social care – as the Government is suggesting with the National Insurance levy – so that the people who pay the bills know where their money is going.

“But it isn’t just about money. I want to see the whole system streamlined so that we in social care can be more responsive to people’s needs by working even more closely with our hospitals and colleagues in primary health care.

“Inevitably this will take time to come to fruition but we have a staffing crisis at this moment..

“Providing care for elderly and vulnerable people can only be done if we have enough carers. And we simply don’t.

“We’ve been supporting recruitment campaigns and enhancing the rewards we pay but across Devon we still need 1,000 people more to join the adult care workforce. What we’re seeing right now is the results of that shortage which have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.”

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