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Why does voting in the local election matter to you?

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Local elections give you the chance to have your say about the issues that matter to you, as well as the opportunity to help choose who represents your local community.

As part of our campaign to encourage people to vote in the upcoming Devon County Council elections on Thursday 6 May, we asked why you thought it was important to make sure you have a say and why you’ll be voting in May.

Your answers highlighted the importance of these elections to your local area, the impact voting can have on vital services you use every day, and how it can make a difference to future generations, as well as helping shape Devon’s future on the big issues such as health and social care, the economy and the environment.

We have shared a few of them below.

“It’s important for everyone to vote so that all sections of the community are represented in the results. Local councillors take decisions that impact our day to day lives, in areas such as community care provision, local transport, traffic measures and planning and their decisions are relevant to us all. I think it is essential that everyone realises they have a vote and their vote counts.” (E. Jones).

“Voting in the elections is important because it gives you a voice on important issues that affect you and also shows support for people who work hard for democracy. I will be voting in May because it is rewarding as a citizen of this country to take part in such important political events.” (V. Flores).

“I’ll be voting in the local elections in May because I’m having my first baby this year and I think it’s important to vote and have a say in the way his or her local area is run. Parents can really make a difference to their children’s futures.” (S. Goddard).

“If you want a say in what happens in your area, then you should vote in the local elections.
Ladies, we should all be aware of what previous generations went through to get votes for women, because of this I believe we have a duty to vote, and to cast our votes wisely.” (L. Gemesi).

“As a woman I always feel it is important to vote, especially seeing we fought so hard for the right to.  I am also extremely interested in community activities & events. If you don’t vote then you have no reason to moan about decisions made. This is why your vote matters!” (S. Woolway).

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things, but it won’t stop you from being able to vote. Polling stations will be safe places to vote in person in May, and measures will be in place to make sure you can cast your vote safely. You can find out more about COVID-19 measures at polling stations on the Electoral Commission website.

Find out more information about voting on our website.