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Study shows vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity

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The ZOE COVID Study, last month, found that vaccines offer greater protection against COVID-19 than natural antibodies. 

It found that an unvaccinated person with a previous COVID-19 infection has around 65 per cent protection against catching it again. But that two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine gave 71 per cent protection against infection, and two doses of the Pfizer vaccine gave 87 per cent protection. 

This week, they’ve published further data. Between April and August 2021, they invited thousands of people who had logged a positive COVID-19 test to do an antibody test at home.  

Of the 8,193 contributors who tested positive, 80.67 per cent had ‘anti-N’ antibodies. But that meant that one in five people didn’t have the antibodies, and could therefore be at greater risk of getting infected again. 

Their conclusion is that while being infected with coronavirus can provide some level of antibody protection, it’s not guaranteed for everyone, and that the level of protection it gives is lower than the protection that the vaccines provide. 

You can read about the ZOE COVID Study online.