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Self-isolating and Christmas

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We’ve been asked this week, what about children who in their last week or so at school are sent home and asked to self-isolate, because someone who they’ve been in contact with tests positive for coronavirus.

Will they have to self-isolate over the Christmas period?  The answer is yes! 

Anyone who contracts the virus, or who is identified as a close contact of a positive case, regardless of when that might happen, will have to self-isolate either for 10 days (if they are confirmed positive), or 14 days, (if they’re a contact*).  Depending when that might happen, self-isolation could run over the Christmas period. 

*From Monday 14th December, people identified as contacts to a positive case will be asked to self-isolate for 10 days.

The advice is that people who are asked to self-isolate over the Christmas period stay home and do not meet with people from outside their household. If anyone in the household then tests positive with the virus, the whole household needs to self-isolate. 

It will of course have consequences – anyone who is asked to self-isolate over Christmas should stay home and not leave the house for the full duration – but to stop the spread of coronavirus, and potentially to save lives, that’s exactly what they should do, to the letter. 

“It is really important that we do everything we can to reduce the risk of spreading the virus among our families and friends, especially those who are already vulnerable,” said Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon (Designate).