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Schools are working flexibly to keep pupils and staff safe

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Schools have over the last couple of weeks welcomed back students for the new term. For some, that’s the first time back since March, and for others it’s a new start altogether.

They’ve also been working hard to establish new ways of working to enable them to re-open safely.

That’s included changes to timetables, to rooms, to class sizes, to the flow of pupils in and out and around school, to arrangements for lunch and breaktimes.

It’s also included changes to pick up and drop off arrangements to reflect social distancing Parents are being reminded to also socially distance from people outside their family when they are near the school.

For all their preparation though, it’s only in using our schools that the government, teachers, and other staff will see where further improvements can be made to ensure safety. Therefore schools are being flexible, and it may be necessary to introduce changes still as the term progresses.

It’s worth noting as well, that should a child develop symptoms that require testing – the new and continuous cough; high temperature; or change to their sense of smell or taste – then schools will need to take immediate steps to mitigate the potential risk to their classmates, including asking parents to collect their child from school as soon as possible.

It’s also possible that schools may need to ask other pupils within the classroom ‘bubble’ to stay at home should any member of the bubble receive a confirmed test result.

Schools have good communications in place to inform parents should that become necessary, and would do so in advance.