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Roadmap dates will be subject to tests

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Steve Brown today issued a note of caution, describing the dates set out in the Prime Minister’s ‘roadmap’ announcement on Monday, as ‘no earlier than’ dates.

The PM set out a timetable of sorts for easing restrictions out of lockdown and beyond.

He explained however that at each stage of the process, the situation at that time must meet certain tests, and the timing will be determined by the data.

Reports since have focused on the dates, but Steve Brown said today:

“While it was good to see this week the publication of the government’s roadmap, which does set out dates for restrictions to be eased, it’s really important to remember that these dates are ‘no earlier than’ dates.

“Each step-down will obviously have to look at the science and the data and information, and those dates may well be pushed back if the science tells us the best thing to do is to delay those step-downs.

“At this stage, the most important thing to do is to continue to follow the national lockdown restrictions.”

Mr Brown made his comment in a recording in which the latest data in Devon show cases falling across all age groups. The age group with the highest case numbers is 20 to 39 year olds.

Case numbers overall in the county are falling, but that decline has slowed, with cases currently highest in Mid Devon and Exeter.