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Reactions from the political Group Leaders

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Speaking following the election results,

Photo of Councillor Alan Connett
Councillor Alan Connett

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Alan Connett, said:

“The Liberal Democrat team is delighted to have made gains in Devon and overall nationally, particularly in this challenging set of elections. However, there can be no room for four more years of complacency at County Hall.

“Roads need to be fixed and Children’s Services which have been failing for 8 years now must be mended. The super challenge we all face is supporting the Devon economy as we come out of the pandemic. Protecting and creating jobs, supporting our communities will require determined dedication.

“Holding 39 of the 60 seats, the controlling Conservatives may choose to run it as they have in the past. We though are ready to work together in the best interests of the residents and communities of Devon.

“We will work as a united team to offer common-sense solutions and at the same time challenge the controlling Conservatives to cut waste and ensure council tax payers money is spent on the value-for-money services the public wants.”

Photo of Councillor Rob Hannaford
Councillor Rob Hannaford

Labour Group Leader Cllr Rob Hannaford, said:

“The elections went very smoothly and safely, and in most places there was a good turnout. The Labour Group will continue to be a credible and constructive opposition, supporting sensible measures, and scrutinising and challenging areas that need improvement. We will work with others to ensure that Devon recovers and moves forward through the pandemic.”




Cllr Frank Biederman

Cllr Frank Biederman, Leader of the Non-Aligned group, said:

“As leader of the Non-Aligned group, I am delighted we have an extra seat this time, and we look forward to being a strong voice for our communities at County Hall. There is clearly a strong appetite for Independent for Independent and Greens with the growing amount of votes across Devon. Our focus will be safer & better highways, cleaner environment and value for money services.”



Photo of Councillor Jacqi Hodgson
Councillor Jacqi Hodgson

And Cllr Jacqi Hodgson, Leader of the Green Party on Devon County Council, said:

“We have almost doubled the number of votes in this election. I am enormously proud of the fact that people are seeing the value of voting Green. Having two councillors will make a big difference to how effective we can be. We hope to show how a green future is a fairer, prosperous and brighter future for all.”