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Please continue rapid testing for COVID-19 over the Easter holidays

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Many of us, especially those who have school or college age students living at home, or who live with someone who works in education, are getting used to regular lateral flow testing at home.

These are the rapid,  results back within half an hour, tests that school pupils and college students were taking when they first returned to the classroom.

Since then, they’ve continued taking the lateral flow tests at home, using home test kits.  And their parents have also been encouraged to take the tests twice a week.

It’s become a routine in many households. Sunday nights and Wednesday nights are test nights.  It’s quick, simple, and half an hour later we’ve got our results, and assuming we’re negative, we’re good to go.

Remember, these are important because one in three people who have coronavirus, don’t know they’ve got it because they’re not showing symptoms.

These quick tests are for people who don’t show any symptoms, but will identify those who are likely to be carrying the virus.

The sooner someone with the virus is identified, the sooner they can self-isolate. That helps us beat coronavirus. That helps us stop the spread.

So with schools and colleges closed for the holiday, and no one nagging you to remember, here’s our reminder …

Even though schools and colleges are closed for the Easter holiday, please continue to take your lateral flow tests twice a week.

If nothing else, it reassures you that you’re unlikely to be infectious and you can get on with your day while still adhering to the rules on social distancing, wearing face coverings when indoors in public places, and washing your hands regularly and properly.

Or it tells you that you are likely to be carrying the virus, in which case stay home, self-isolate, because it’s vital that we stop its spread.