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Have the last two years changed our attitude?

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As we approach the second year anniversary since the coronavirus pandemic began, and we are now learning to live alongside the virus, we want to take stock. We want to know whether our experiences over the last two years have made us think differently about infectious illnesses

Pre-COVID, you might have worried about what your colleagues thought if you took time off work, or you’d send your child to school knowing they’ve got a cough or are sneezing. But now we’re all more aware of how easily viruses spread, are we now likely to behave differently in future when we develop symptoms such as a cough or high temperature? 

We’d like to know what you think. Over the next week or so, we will be posting questions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out a bit more about people’s attitude to risk, and about how they think they’ll behave in future if and when they develop virus-like symptoms. 

For people who may not be on social media, we’ve also created a quick form to capture your responses – just click the button below.

Call it a social experiment!