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Getting outside safely during COVID-19

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We must stay at home as much as possible.  That’s the new norm.  But being outside is also so important for our physical and mental wellbeing.  So how do ensure that we do that safely?

Ordnance Survey launched a brilliant thing last year, and they’ve updated it this week.  It’s a guide to getting outside safely during coronavirus, and right now, during lockdown.

The outdoors is still open, and we’re all being encouraged to get outside and stay local for our physical and mental health.

Just type in your location, (eg Devon) and then choose what outdoor activity you’re interested in, (eg walking), and it gives you the latest advice for walking in Devon – what’s permitted, what’s not, and helpful suggestions along the way.

The key is in knowing how to minimise risk to yourself and others when outside.  Remember, you are allowed outdoor exercise, but follow the guidance – social distancing, wear your face covering in enclosed spaces, and wash your hands well as soon as you’re back indoors.