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Don’t let Christmas hamper your efforts to reduce food waste

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Devon residents can make big savings to both their pockets and bin waste this Christmas and have the chance to win one of twenty festive hampers filled with local produce.

Until midnight Friday December 20 Recycle Devon is running “20 Day of Christmas”, sharing a range of tips and ideas each day to help families keep waste and costs to a minimum.

Ideas range from gift suggestions and wrapping alternatives to seasonal recipes and home decorations.

Residents also have the opportunity to share their own waste saving ideas via Recycle Devon’s website.

Almost a third of us admit throwing away more food over the festive period than at any other time, with 11 per cent of us buying food that has gone off and been binned before Christmas Day*.

To help reduce food waste and save money, 20 Days of Christmas will feature daily tips on portion planning, making the most of your freezer and homemade recipe ideas.

The campaign also shares affordable and low waste gift ideas including reusable alternatives to traditional wrapping paper, how to make homemade decorations and DIY zero waste cleaning products.

Residents can also win one of twenty locally sourced festive hampers in a daily giveaway by pledging to reduce, reuse and recycle this Christmas and liking or following Recycle Devon’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds.

One winner will be selected daily and all remaining pledges will be rolled forward every day for another chance to win.

Councillor David Harvey, Vice Chair of the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee said: “After a difficult year, you might be planning to treat you and your family this Christmas.
“At this time of year there’s a lot of pressure to buy more than we actually need at a time when many are feeling the financial strain.
“Reducing costs and waste needn’t make Christmas any less fun, so why not turn it into a challenge the whole family can get involved in?
“For instance, Christmas jumpers have become popular but are an example of unnecessary waste and cost with two out of five only being worn once*.
“So instead why not jazz up one you’ve already got, swap with someone else or buy a pre-loved one from a resale site?
“With a bit of forward planning, we can all enjoy Christmas without it costing the earth.”

To make a pledge and for more information on reducing, reusing and recycling over Christmas and New Year, visit

*research by environmental charity Hubbub