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Do you want to re-home items you don’t use? Join Tuesday Tables

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Communities across Devon have the chance to rehome every-day items they no longer need simply by leaving them outside their front door every Tuesday, starting this week (April 6).

The new initiative is called ‘Tuesday Tables’ and is part of Recycle Devon’s commitment to help residents reduce the amount of waste we throw away.

Tuesday Tables encourages people to pass on items they no longer need so that they can be used by someone that may benefit.

All residents have to do is put things they don’t want any more on their doorstep, front garden, or driveway every Tuesday – and let people know you are taking part.

Please make sure that any items you do leave for collection are not broken, dirty or potentially dangerous and are not on the pavement or public highway

You can either display a makeshift sign saying FREE or you can download, print off and display one of the signs available on the Recycle Devon website.

Because Covid-19 can be transmitted on hard surfaces, to stay safe please quarantine items for three days in a garage or a box before the event.

And at the end of the day just bring in whatever is not taken and maybe try a local freecycle or Freeagle or marketplace giveaway group – you will be surprised what people will come and collect when it’s free.

If your road or local area has a social media group this is a great place to share which roads are taking part to build local interest.

Catherine Causley, Devon County Council’s Re-Use Officer, said: “This is a chance to have a declutter without taking items to the recycling centre and this regular event could save usable items from being recycled and give them a longer life.

“If you are looking for others taking part, to reduce travel & stay local we encourage you to keep to your neighbourhood if at all possible and perhaps walk around where you live as part of your daily exercise.

“We are hoping it will catch on and become something that people will do every Tuesday.”

For more information, please look at the Recycle Devon website: Tuesday Tables – Recycle Devon