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Devon’s mobile community testing sites report steady demand

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Devon’s mobile community testing sites report a steady demand for assisted lateral flow testing.

Devon County Council set up the mobile community testing sites when the rapid lateral flow tests first became available.

These are the rapid test kits that provide a result within half an hour. They’re for people who show no symptoms of having the virus.

Now, people are advised to take the tests regularly – twice a week, plus whenever they plan to meet up socially with others.

They’re an essential part of stopping the spread of coronavirus, because 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 don’t show any symptoms of having it, and they could be spreading the virus to others unknowingly.

The rapid lateral flow device test kits are widely available.

But if you want assistance, our community testing sites are where people who might want help with the test can go. We have them at locations across the county. You can find out where they are on

Last week, our mobile sites helped people with 516 lateral flow tests. They also handed out 18,000 tests for people to do themselves at home.

The home test kits are also available from pharmacies across Devon, and can be ordered online to be delivered to your door.

Lee Meaden, who manages the Community Testing programme, said:

“Even though test kits are available and it’s easy for people to do the tests themselves at home, we are finding a lot of people are still preferring to have assistance from us to take the test. Our mobile testing units and staff are ready and happy to help. No booking is required. And we’ll get the results to you within half an hour, allowing you to get on with your day.”

A negative lateral flow test result indicates that you are unlikely to be carrying the virus, but you must still comply with the rules around social distancing, wearing a face covering when indoors in public places, and wash your hands regularly.

A positive lateral flow test result will require you to self-isolate and arrange a confirmatory PCR test. You must self-isolate pending the result of that PCR test.