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Deputy Director thanks university students for helping to curb COVID-19 infection

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Steve Brown, the Deputy Director of Public Health Devon, is thanking University students resident in Exeter for responding to the new additional measures to curb the coronavirus infection.

The University has asked all of their students who live in the city not to meet indoors with anyone who is not part of their household, for 14 days (from 28 September), except under some acceptable circumstances, such as attending lectures on the Covid-19 secure campus.

Steve Brown, Deputy Director of Public Health Devon
Steve Brown, Deputy Director of Public Health Devon

“We are in frequent communication with the University and we know that students are taking the new additional measure very seriously and acting upon the guidance,” said Steve Brown, Deputy Director for Public Health Devon.  “And I want to thank them whole heartedly for that.

“I also want to thank the University for implementing a rapid testing system and Rapid Response Hub which is helping to identify and trace positive cases.

“While we are seeing a rise in the number of confirmed cases in Exeter area, of which a significant number is within the University student population, it is essential that everyone in the city’s community continues to follow the rules to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“We know, from the positive cases we’re seeing across the region, that the infection is spreading in social settings, mostly within and between households. That’s why the University’s additional instruction this week is so important, and it’s great that students are hearing and abiding by that message.

“We want to remind everyone in Devon about the importance of following the rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“That means washing your hands properly and regularly, and using hand sanitiser where soap and water is not available.

“It means keeping your distance with people who are not in your immediate household or bubble. Two metres is the safe distance, indoors and outdoors.

“And to wear face coverings when indoors with other people in a public space such as a shop, or in a confined space like public transport.  Wearing face coverings in some situations is a legal requirement, now carrying financial penalties for those who don’t wear them appropriately.

“In addition to these few simple measures, if an individual develops symptoms – the new and continuous cough, high temperature, or change in your sense of smell or taste – they must self-isolate straight away. Do that, then arrange the test quickly.

“If a person lives in a household in which one of them has been tested positive, the rest of the household must self-isolate for the full 14 days. That can’t be cut short.

“These rules require us all to pay attention and to take individual and collective responsibility. We must act as one in our response to this virus and each of us must follow the guidance and rules to the letter. This is the only way that we can get back to living without these tighter restrictions.”