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Case rates are low, but please do not become complacent

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Devon has the lowest case rates of all upper tier council authorities in the country, with six of the county’s eight District areas among those with fewest cases of coronavirus.

While that is good news, Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon, says it is too soon for celebration.

“Case numbers are continuing to fall in most parts of Devon, and that’s because people in the main are adhering to the national restrictions.

“We are seeing a slight increase in cases in Mid Devon, although case numbers there are still low – and far lower than the national average.

“But those Mid Devon numbers should be a reminder to show how easily cases can go up quickly as well as go down.”

Case rates are currently highest for those aged 20 to 39, but are falling in all age groups, and most rapidly in those aged 80 and over.

Many of Devon’s cases are in the working age population, and outbreaks in workplaces are still occurring, says Steve Brown.

“Please don’t be complacent or drop your guard, either in the workplace or indeed travelling to or from work.”

The reminder this week comes as the council is inviting local businesses in the Exeter area to encourage their workplace-based employees to use Community Testing Centres to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Listen to the latest update from Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon.