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The proposals

To develop these proposals we have spoken to a range of other local authorities and considered several alternative models of delivery. We believe that together these seven proposals could form the basis of a Future Library Strategy for Devon and generate the savings required.

Proposal 1Reduce the running costs of medium to large libraries by sharing space, integrating services and, where appropriate, staff with other Council services and wider partners, creating a broader-based and Devon Centre model.
Proposal 2Work collaboratively with communities to identify how smaller and less well-used libraries could be sustained in new and innovative ways.
Proposal 3Work collaboratively with rural communities to explore alternatives to the mobile library service which are more affordable for the future but which still reaches those in rural areas who cannot easily access a physical library.
Proposals 4, 5, 6 and 7

Proposal 4: Identify how the use of technology can be improved to widen access to the service.

Proposal 5: Develop the outreach service for people physically unable to visit a library into a more personalised, attractive service.

Proposal 6: Continue to reduce the cost of management and support services.

Proposal 7: Continue to seek new sources of income, external funding and partnerships to sustain valued services.


To develop these proposals we have looked at: