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Performance and financial data for 2013/14

Performance and financial data for 2013/14 are now available for each of Devon’s 50 static libraries. This information was not available when the library consultation was launched in April 2014.

In 2013/14:

  • Library visits across the county fell slightly by just over 1%
  • Lending of books and other items fell by over 8% (Children’s lending fell by over 4%)
  • The number of PC sessions increased by over 2.5% and the number of PC hours used increased by over 30% (as a result of the removal of charges in Oct 2013)
  • Wi-Fi use across the service increased by over 50%
  • The number of active borrowers decreased by over 5%

Some libraries have experienced an increase in direct costs, whilst others have experienced a decrease in costs. The reasons for increased costs vary but include:

  • Increased relief staffing to cover periods of long term sickness by permanent members of staff
  • Decreased income levels
  • Increased premises and IT costs due to delayed invoicing by partner agencies, one off maintenance or increased business rates

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