Quick Guide to Login to the Windows 10 Remote Access Portal

Quick Guide to logging in to the Windows 10 Remote Access Portal

This guide assumes you have completed all pre-requisites found in the full instructions ie you have an active Windows 10 DCC user account, your password has not expired, you’ve added security verification and Trusted Sites settings etc.

How to access the DCC full desktop or DCC application

  1. Open Internet Explorer (note this will not work using Edge) and enter the address https://myapps.microsoft.com See Useful Tips section on creating a shortcut to open in Internet Explorer

Pick an account and ensure it is your DCC user account you select. If you don’t see your account, go to step 2.


2. If your DCC user account is not already listed, enter your account name in the format firstname.lastname@devon.gov.uk 

eg – john.smith@devon.gov.uk


3. The service will automatically redirect your browser to Devon County Council’s internal authentication service; the Organisational Account name will already be completed; simply enter your DCC user account password. 
4. Enter your security verification code sent to you according to the method you selected when setting this up (ie text message to your mobile phone).
5. When the Apps page loads click Remote Access Gateway 

6. At the Work Resources prompt enter your account name with the domain name in the format  

Ds2\firstname.lastname and then enter your DCC user account password again. 

eg – ds2\john.smith

Click Sign In 

7. Click on the DCC Full Desktop or the relevant Application 

8. Continue by clicking Connect

You should now be successfully logged in to DCC.




Logging Out
  1. To log off, click on Start button and then the DCC leaf logo


Note – if you get a session timeout, you can login with your username in any format (ie ds2\firstname.lastname, your DCC account in email address format – ie john.smith@devon.gov.uk or simply – firstname.lastname

ie john.smith

Then enter your password to reconnect.

2. Click Sign Out 

Useful tips

Password tips

Please remember to login at least once a month to keep your user account active. We strongly recommend setting up a Self Service Password Reset.

You can register to use a self-service password reset by going to the profile, select Profile and Set Up Self-Service Password Reset


Once you’ve registered, you can quickly reset your password should you forget it.

To manually change your password either :

  • Press CTRL+ALT+END and select the change password option or


  • Go to the Profile icon in your https://myapps.microsoft.com login page, select Profile and select Change Password option.



Security Verification

If you need to change your security verification, select the profile icon, select Profile and then select Additional Security Verification. Change your settings as required and Save you changes.




NB – By default, you should be able to print from the remote desktop connection. You can manually connect / disconnect your printer before connecting (see step 15) by clicking Show Details and selecting or deselecting Printers.


Shortcut to open directly in Internet Explorer

It is recommended you or your IT department create an Internet shortcut to your Desktop which opens up https://myapps.microsoft.com straight from Internet Explorer.

To do this, right click on your Desktop, select New, select Shortcut, Copy and paste the following path

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” “https:\\myapps.microsoft.com”

Click Next. Give the shortcut a name, ie DCC Remote Access. Click Finish. You can then use this new shortcut to access the DCC Windows 10 remote access portal without having to remember to open it manually in Internet Explorer every time.

Note the above assumes Internet Explorer is installed in C:\Program Files (x86). If this directory doesn’t exist, try removing (x86) from the path or speak to your IT helpdesk.