Sharing data using SharePoint

Securing our data through file sharing

Unlike with Egress, OME doesn’t have the facility to send through large files of packets of data.

To overcome this and to continue to improve our data security and partnership working, those of you who currently use the File Transfer protocol (FTP) within Egress to send large files or packets will need to start sharing your files with partners using SharePoint.

We have already started to design and build such a file sharing site that will see us sharing large files between ourselves the courts and two other local authorities.  and we already have other business area looking at adopting similar arrangements between themselves and other partners.

The benefits to files sharing are many, including being able to retain control over our data by limiting access to files, ensuring we only have one version and thus removing the possibility of having inaccurate or out of date information being available and the ability to track files to so see who has opened and read files or to revoke access should it become necessary.

The good news is that should you need to do the same then the partner you wish to share files with doesn’t need to have or use SharePoint.