Secure email using mandatory TLS

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Logo

Expanding the use of TLS to make sending secure emails seamless

Since we central governments decision to move across to using Transport Layer Security (TSL) Encryption last year, an increasing number of other email providers have moved to using TLS to encrypt their emails.

This means that as long as the recipient of your email also uses TLS then you will be able to send it like any normal email without the need for any third-party application such as Egress or OME.

By turning on mandatory TLS we are ensuring that all our emails are sent encrypted to other TLS users. This is done by the two email domains (Devon CC and the recipients) doing an electronic handshake.

As long as the receiving email domain also uses TLS the email will be sent, this electronic handshake takes seconds so as the sender you will not see any delay in service.

Should the receiving domain not use TLS then the sender will receive an email notification telling you that the email was not sent because the recipient doesn’t use TLS, and asking you to re-send it using Office Message Encryption (OME)

Demonstration of how mandatory TLS works