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The latest from Devon

Social Enterprises in the South West to receive £1.75m funding

The social enterprise sector in Devon and the South West received a massive boost yesterday, with the announcement by the Cabinet Office of the latest wave of capital from the government’s Social Incubator Fund.

A partnership of South West organisations: The Dartington Hall Trust, South West Investment Group, Plymouth University, VEX and South West Academic Health Science Network, collectively known as the SEEDbed incubator manged to secure £876,950 from this fund. Combined with match funding from the partners, the partnership are set to make available £1.75m of funding to support early-stage social enterprises in the South West to grow into large scale operations.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for Devon, which has one of the highest social enterprise creation rates per capita in the UK.

Applications for funding are expected to open in September 2014.

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