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Business Promotion Grant open for applications

Devon County Council’s Business Promotion Grant is open for applications. The grant is part of the Devon Delivers programme which highlights the benefits of locating a business within Devon.

Grants of up to £1000 are available for local businesses to cover the direct exhibiting costs of attend trade shows and events throughout the UK, allowing them to promote their product or service to a national and international audience.

One of the successful applicants from the last round of the grant was Powderkeg Brewery, a brewery based in Woodbury Salterton.

Jessica Magill, Co-owner of Powderkeg Brewery, said: “The Craft Beer Rising event is incredibly important for our industry, and we sold £1,000 of beer to a wholesaler and £10,000 to a national distributor. We’re still a relatively new business, having only been selling our beer for less than two years, but the grant enabled us to promote our brand, and to raise our profile. Having a presence at the show also helped to cement a deal to supply ASDA stores nationwide, which has helped take us from being a local brewery to a nationally recognised brewery.”

You can read the full story about the Business Promotion Grant on the Newscentre

Application forms and guidelines are available here